Acid Reflux Treatments

By | October 23, 2019

The most commonly used treatment for acid reflux is antacids and prescribed medication. In some situations corrective surgery is the solution to the situation of excessive heartburn and acid reflux. The first step to cure acid reflux is to diagnosis the cause of the over active production of stomach acid.

Some of the over the counter antacids used that neutralize the acids include Pepcid AC Axid AR Zantac 75 Tagamet HR Preveacid Zegerid Nexium Prilosec Aciphex and Protonix. These reduce the production of the stomach acids. Reglan is a prescription medication used to help empty the stomach and reduce the opportunity of the acids to form inside the stomach.

Acid Reflux Treatments

A physician may select to perform surgery to repair the lower esophageal areas with a laparoscope. The new surgery reduces the stay in the hospital as well as reduces the acid reflux for the individuals.

Knowing the source or reasons for the acid reflux begins by understanding the individuals lifestyle and diet. Fatty greasy spicy foods are one of the leading causes of acid reflux. Other lifestyle habits contributing to acid reflux include going to bed on a full stomach over eating tight clothing around the midsection or stomach regions large meals smoking alcohol and obesity or being overweight.

Smoking contains nicotine that damages the mucus muscles and lower sphincter allowing the flow upward of the stomach acids and erosion of the esophagus leading to cancer.

Chocolate and caffeine contribute to acid reflux as wells as citrus fruits and spicy vegetable such as tomatoes onions and garlic. Peppermint and high-fat foods help to create stomach acids increasing the chances of acid reflux.

Avoid excessive eating large meals. Reduce the size of the larger meals from two or three large meals to five or six smaller meals. Allow the foods to digest naturally and slower reducing the chances of acid reflux. Changing to healthy diet without high fats or carbohydrates reduces the risks of acid reflux.

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